About myself

If I have to give myself a description of how I am, I would say first I take any job seriously in order to get the best result. Regarding the setting of the kitchen, before starting the path of staff training, I make sure that everyone has an understanding of the manual of self-control before starting to handle food. Before setting the menu I am very precise in choosing the best of the material and the seasonality to have the maximum result, because beeing a great Chef means to choose a good raw material that does not need sophistication to highlight the organoelectric properties.

Career Summary

I supervised and managed kitchens by choosing the staff based on the work required of different services and different types of restaurants (for example, service with homemade products such as bread, fresh pasta, cakes, biscuits for coffee and tea …) The organization of a restaurant from its conception and design to its full operation. I have a good sense of profitability and budget for profit. Excellent experience in menu planning and design, cost control, promotion and advertising. He has also worked in high-volume, high-pressure restaurants in various facilities.
The opportunity to work in one of the best kitchens in Italy gave me the opportunity to develop my skills as an Italian chef.
In over 35 years of experience and 25 years of leadership, communication, presentation and relationship building with excellent results.
I have extensive experience in Italian, French and International cuisine. I also took advantage of the knowledge of the most popular Italian regional cuisine.
Having manged for 3 years, in which I had my own restaurant, in addition to a’ la carta service, also a quick meal service of over 280 daily meals in a short time, in a business area, I learned also to handle with a totally different kind of kitchen service.
Furthermore, I also worked in the catering service by my own and for other compenies. I have no problems to organize them from the beginning to the end also for a big range of customers.
Having been a restaurant owner, more than ever is put to test my management skills and sense of responsability.
I’m currently dealing advice for restaurants. I’m working to revitalize the management of restaurants exploiting my experience of an international outlook remains tied to the traditions of Italian cuisine.
Actually my job is to consult for new menus, new modern dishes or improvements in the quality of the dishes.
After a long time spent around the world accumulating experience and new techniques, I now believe that the time has come to stop and spend more time with my family.

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